Running For A Cause!

World Vision run for clean water

Water… clean, cool, refreshing water.  How often we can take it for granted… from simply turning on a spout or opening a water bottle from the fridge or even turning on a hose.  It flows effortlessly from our faucets.  But what if it didn’t flow effortlessly, or came out clean and free of bacteria.  Or [ … ]

Joanna Gaines… I Think We Were Separated at Birth!

joanna gaines

Well if you haven’t heard of Joanna Gaines and her side kick husband Chip Gaines I would be shocked, cut its ok, cause I’m gonna clue you in right now to what I would consider this lovely lady as my twin!  Chip & Joanna Gaines are the hottest decorating/fixer upper duo on the scene and [ … ]

Mothers Day… A day to celebrate Her!

blessed mom bracelet with floral stamp

Mothers hold their children’s hands for just a little while, but their hearts forever! Personally, I don’t feel only one day is enough to celebrate Mom, but if it only has to be one day we are celebrated by our husband and kids, and waited on then lets make it a day to remember!  My [ … ]

Mothers Day Giveaway!

Floral Wreath Family Necklace

We are feeling the love and sending a lucky mother a FREE Shay Designs exclusive Floral Wreath Family Necklace!  Yes indeed!  What a great gift for any mother, either a gift for yourself or to gift to your mama. Made of sterling silver, this little beauty will melt the heart of any mama and will [ … ]

Valentines Day Sale!

Valentines Day Personalized Jewelry Sale

Don’t miss the savings for sweet & unique Valentines gifts for her!  And ladies to make easy shopping for him and guaranteed joy with your Valentines gift, just send him a link to your favorite piece in the shop!  Or maybe several links… that way you will still be surprised when opening your gift cause [ … ]

Struggling to Hear God’s Voice

hearing god's voice blog post

I am sure I am not the only one who has struggled with this topic.  I had often wondered why and how the people of the Bible had so clearly heard from God time and time again, when I was questioning “if” I am hearing Him clearly or just not hearing Him at all.  But [ … ]

Find a Penny…

pennies from heaven

When you see a penny on the ground, do you pick it up or do you walk on by?  Well I happen to have a hubby who not only will pick up a penny in the street… in the MIDDLE of the street, but he will never pass up a plastic bottle or aluminum can [ … ]

Unique & Exclusive Personalized Jewelry

custom metal stamps

  When I started Shay Designs a few years ago I realized I was in a very competitive market.  With the boom of Etsy and “do it yourself” mentality, as well as the help of the internet, many people have jumped into the stamped jewelry arena.   With that being said, I knew I had [ … ]

Bass Lake Vacation… A 19 year Tradition


Our family has been going to the same lake for the past 19 years… Bass Lake in Northern California. Our children have literally grown up at this lake and we truly feel it is a second home for us.  The memories we have shared with so many different friends and family are countless.  We treasure [ … ]

Coffee… A whole new world!

coffee grinder

So after about 25 or more years of being a coffee drinker I have finally seen the light!  To probably most of you the light has already been revealed and your coffee experience every morning is at the peak of flavor and rich freshness!  Well, I am just a little late to the game and [ … ]