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Hi I’m Sharon. Happy you are here!

Hi, my name is Sharon (Shay for short) and I am the owner and creator behind Shay Designs.

I began this business in 2011 with a desire to create beautiful personalized {girly-chic} style jewelry.  I am very much a girly-girl, as  is seen in every aspect of my life from my home, to clothes, to jewelry, so bringing this style to my jewelry only seemed to be a perfect fit.

 What started out as a fun idea to feed my creativity and bring in a  little extra money has turned into a full-blown business almost  overnight.  It was a leap of faith… Literally!  But I decided to jump  and pray for a wonderful outcome.  I have been blessed beyond  words with the growth of my business, the amazing feedback from my customers, all my return customers, and the opportunities to use my jewelry to help others in need.

I love bringing a {girly-chic} personalized aspect to my jewelry with loved ones names or a special meaningful message that speaks to my customer’s hearts, yet with all the uniqueness of a handmade boutique-style piece of jewelry.

It is my hope that my jewelry touches your heart or hearts of someone you love.  Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better.   Stay in touch by reading my blog or following Shay Designs on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

family photo


Here is my wonderful family.  My husband Garey of 26 years, my oldest son (far right) Corey, my daughter Kailey, and my other son Christian.  To put it mildly, this is my greatest blessing!  My greatest joys in my life have come from being married to this man, and raising these three amazing children.  I thank God for them often and pray they may impact the world with hearts full of love for others and for God.

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